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All is vanity | Monday’s mission was to see Kate Hamill’s Vanity Fair at the ReDiscovery Reading at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. I actually went to high school with Kate Hamill and her theatre career is really impressive. We saw her Sense and Sensibility last year — which was amazing! So we had to go!

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On our way to the theatre, we stopped at The Partisan (on D St in Penn Quarter) for a drink and a small bite. The Partisan (Chef Nathan Anda) is connected to their butcher shop, Red Apron. The lime and chili spiced pork rinds were delicious, but they didn’t touch the amazing beef tartare. It was so fabulous! I would go back just to get another one – and this time not share it. And The Partisan is located right next to a parking garage and walking distance to the Shakespeare Theatre.


The Shakespeare Theatre Company was having the first ReDiscovery Series of the year (of six). It was a staged reading of Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. It was funny! It was naughty! It was free! It was a great evening. You can read more about it at DC Metro Theater Arts.