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Announcing my new business name, Voyager Homes

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Voyager Homes

I have a special announcement to make. As we head in 2017, I am going to be working under a new business name, Voyager Homes.

Why Voyager Homes? Voyager is a family business name. My dad has a “Voyager” business. He’s a great Star Trek fan (I am too), and the name is a tribute to the (real NASA) Voyager space mission and, of course, the Star Trek: Voyager tv series.

But I also love the word voyager. By definition, a voyager is someone who goes on a long trip, especially by ship. Voyagers are explorers. That creates a romantic picture in my mind! The word comes from the Latin for “a journey.” Often times in real estate, I come into someone’s life at a transition point. They are buying or selling because they just moved to the DC area to start a new job, because they are looking for a home for their growing family, because they are purchasing the next property in their investment portfolio… Whatever the reason, I get to help someone achieve a goal. To be a part of a strategic milestone in their journey.

So to celebrate this new name, I’m going to have a little fun with it. And I am hoping that you will participate too! If you buy or sell a house with me in 2017, and you are willing to dress up as a Star Trek character and pose for a picture in front of your new or sold home, and we share that picture via my new Voyager Homes websites, I will gift you $500 towards your closing costs! Whether or not you are a Trekkie, this should be fun!

In the meantime, you can find me online at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as Voyager Homes.