Buy a House

You want to buy a house…

Whether this is your first home, your fifth home, or an investment property, I will make this experience fun and exciting. My goal is to help you find your next home in the least amount of time and hassle as possible, and for the best price in today’s market.

Purchasing a house is a big decision, one most people do only a few times in their lifetime. For many, the home-buying process can feel overwhelming. I know that educated buyers make the best decisions when they know the market. So I will share my expert market knowledge with you so that you will have the knowledge to buy a well-priced, good home on the market that meets your needs. I will start by getting you up to speed on the current state of the market, and, more importantly, the trends of where it is going. And I will be your expert to help you get through each step of the home-buying process as efficiently and easily as possible.

At our first meeting, we will:

    • Discuss your goals for your home purchase
    • Understand your wants and needs
    • Talk about your deadline for moving
    • Discuss your financial needs
    • Discuss current market conditions
  • and then get started on your home search

A little bit about what I do:

Service and Communication

Your needs throughout this process are my primary concern. I want to make sure that, together, we meet your goals. I will always keep you in the loop. From our initial meeting through closing, I will update you on new properties on the market, the status of any offers, explain the next steps, and what you can expect. And I want to do this in the way that works best for you, whether that is a phone call, texting, a weekly email, etc. Let me know how you prefer to communicate.


The real estate transaction is complex and, as the expert you hired, I will share my knowledge with you. It is my goal not only to educate you on the process, but also to deliver a smooth transaction. I will educate you on current market conditions. I will also connect you to my network of experts to help us at each stage, including good sources of mortgage loans and programs and service providers, such as home inspectors, contractors, home warranty companies, etc.

House Hunting

I will research homes in the area and suggest homes that meet your needs. It is my goal to help you find a house that works with the lifestyle you want to have. I will show you properties that meet your needs and you want to see. When you find the right home, I will analyze the market and show you the “comps” (competitive market analysis) to make sure you get the house for the best price possible in today’s market.

Write Offers and Negotiate on Your Behalf

One of the most important steps in this process is going to be choosing a negotiating strategy that works. I will write offers on homes you want to purchase and negotiate the offer and any counteroffers. I will use the latest market data at the hyperlocal level and my knowledge of market trends to help you choose a negotiating strategy that will help you write a compelling offer. In a competitive situation where we expect multiple offers, we will choose a strategy that works best to help you win and beat the other buyers’ offers.

Contract Oversight

I will oversee the “contract-to-close” process to make sure that you have a smooth transaction and are able to successfully settle/purchase the home. I will make sure that we meet all deadlines and oversee any inspections. I will coordinate with your lender and title/settlement company to make sure that all parties have the information they need and are going to meet their deadlines. I will be present during closing/settlement to ensure your needs are protected.