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Declutter Your House | Welcome back. We are continuing my series, 7 Reasons Why Homes Don’t Sell. And this week we are going to be talking about clutter!

Buyers want to see the full potential of your house. This is why clutter and personal belongings are so crucial. Buyers have trouble visualizing your house beyond your stuff. And more than that, you want to show them an aspirational lifestyle – this is how they, too, could live if they bought your home! 

One of the most important things buyers are looking for is space. You have to show them how much space your house has! Not only will decluttering help your space feel bigger, but it also lets your buyers focus on what’s important in your house – flooring, fireplace, windows, the condition of the walls, cabinets, counters, etc.


Why do all this work? 

The more clutter your house has, the less interested buyers will be. The longer your home sits, the less money you are likely to get when it sells. And if you move out, the cost to keep and maintain it increases, as each month brings another mortgage payment.

Where do you start?

1. Minimize the amount of furniture in a room (especially if it is oversized furniture). This helps rooms feel larger. Are you keeping your big furniture for your next house? Put it in storage if it is too big for the space. 

2. If you have collectibles or expensive jewellery, consider moving them safely out of the house.

3. Get rid of junk! If there are items in your home that you plan to sell, donate, or trash, do that now. A place like 123Junk can help you make a big step toward junk-free living. Thin out the clothes and “stuff” in your closets. Declutter your deck, garage, and yard too. Buyers will be looking everywhere and opening your closets! 

If you haven’t used items in the last 6 months, consider getting rid of them. Think of this as your time to prep for your move. Everything you keep, you have to pack, pay to move, and unpack.

4. Clear off the kitchen counters. Leave only the essentials, like your coffee maker (you need the coffee maker to stay happy).

5. Pack up all items you won’t need before your move, especially if they take up room in your living space, closets, and cabinets. Get these boxes into your garage, or better yet, into storage.

6. Put away your family and pet photos and religious iconography. You want the buyers to picture themselves in your home.

7. Organize your space! Get excess shoes out of the foyer and mudroom. Organize tv and computer cables and wires. Make sure rooms are being used for their purpose, i.e., no exercise equipment in the living room. Make and keep your beds made!

8. Hire a professional cleaner at the end of your decluttering to clean all the floors, walls, windows, light fixtures, and insides of all of your appliances. You want your house to shine!