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How Working from Home due to Covid-19 has Changed What People Want from their Home

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When Covid-19 entered our home world in March 2020, we didn’t have any expectations for the longer-term consequences to… well so many things… but also to interior design. Here are a few ways that we have changed what we are looking for:

1. More Closed Spaces/Less Open Concept

Open-concept layouts have been desirable for years. However, in our new covid-reality, people want the ability to work from home, often times with a spouse or roommate who is also working from home and/or children attending virtual classes. There is more desire for each person to have their own space and the ability to block sound-transfer. We are seeing more desire for offices, closed-off / formal dining rooms, etc. Do you remember when putting a desk in the kitchen was “a thing” in all new construction? Well, we may start to see something similar again. If you own your house now and you want to make your space more like this, try adding walls and a French door, barn door, or pocket door to separate spaces. Make those formal living rooms into offices. Close off the tv room with French doors to make the rest of the main level quieter.


2. Better Functioning Mudrooms

Mudrooms have been improving for years in new construction. People want to have a multi-functional room for coats, shoes, backpacks, a laundry area, a slop sink, and more. I think we will continue to see these rooms becoming more important and taking on more functionality. People like having a place to wash their hands before they come in and to keep their “germs” out of the rest of the house.

3. Clean Air

The value of the “great outdoors” and clean air has grown in importance given what we know about the virus’s transmission. Now people want to get more clean air in their home. One of the easiest ways to immediately start doing this is to change the filters in your HVAC system regularly and use high quality filters. In addition, maintain your HVAC systems. Also, open your windows more and let that fresh air in! But not yet, it is cold outside!

4. Outdoor living and entertaining

There has been an increased desire for more rural homes and homes with larger yards. We are seeing more and more families having their meals and entertaining their friends outside. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, now -more than ever- you need to make sure your outdoor space is on point!