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Living In Takoma Park | Pros and Cons

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Living In Takoma Park

Are you looking for a place to live in the DC Metro Area with a quirky personality, natural beauty, and a great location? In this episode of Saving DMV, we’re going to talk about the one place that fits this description: Takoma Park, Maryland. We’ll discuss four pros and three cons of life in this community so you can make the best decision for you.

The Pros Of Living In Takoma Park

What are the pros of living in Takoma Park? Number one is the strong sense of community. Takoma Park is a place that prides itself on being neighborly, with everybody out, walking around, and saying hi. It’s also a place where like-minded people can be politically engaged, help other people in the community, and help our planet. And if you haven’t already, go back and watch the first video in this Takoma Park series where we talk more about the city’s quirky personality and progressive values.

Pro number two is Takoma Park’s location and commuter friendliness. The whole creation of Takoma Park was as a commuter suburb town, with the idea that it’s a good commute to DC. It is very close and very convenient. You can drive or take the bus, Metro, or MARC train. 

Pro number three is that Takoma Park has beauty. It’s known for being beautiful and is even nicknamed Azalea City. It was named that by a horticulturalist who was also a Takoma Park president, Benjamin Morrison. Takoma Park loves their trees, gardens, and parks. It’s a green, beautiful town that values sustainability more than just living in a pretty-looking place. Takoma Park is beautiful with a purpose.

This leads us into pro number four: Takoma Park is a great place for outdoorsy folks. People who want to be in their garden and walk around the neighborhood love it here. This is a community that likes to be outside and likes to interact with each other. That’s just one of the nice traits if you’re looking for that neighborly place to live.

The Cons Of Living In Takoma Park

The number one con of Takoma Park is the cost of living and housing, which is much higher than the national average. The next video in this series will discuss the cost of living more in-depth, but know that housing and transportation are expensive in Takoma Park.

The second con is that this city has lots of traffic. While a lot of Takoma Park residents walk, bike, take the metro, and use public transportation systems, there’s a big population of people who drive. Because there aren’t a ton of roads that people are coming in and out of, most people are kind of on the same path. This can cause some congestion and traffic.

Con number three is that there’s not a huge selection of shops, restaurants, or things that you can walk around and do super conveniently in Takoma Park. Takoma Park is very proactive in helping the community and the businesses that are located there, so I don’t want to say that there isn’t a good shopping district. In comparison to some of the other neighborhoods that are around Takoma Park, however, you could argue that there is a much smaller selection.

Is Takoma Park Right For You?

I hope this gives you an idea of what it’s like to live in Takoma Park. While there are both pros and cons of living here, the good definitely outnumbers the bad. If you haven’t already, please check out the other videos in my Takoma Park series so you can get the best idea of whether this city is right for you.

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