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Mozart’s Recovery Journey

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Mozart’s Recovery Journey

Mozart’s Recovery Journey | It warms my heart to be able to say that Mozart’s surgery was a success. Thanks to all of you who donated, shared, and supported his story, he was able to receive his life saving surgery. He is making strides in recovering and is now able to walk up and down stairs and trot along. He will be able to enjoy his life now, and we cannot say thank you enough for making this happen.

 For those of you who don’t know, Mozart is a 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher who was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome. Mozart was going to die unless he received spinal surgery. Wobblers is an instability in the vertebrae of the neck in your spine. It compresses over time and they degenerate, which is not only painful for them, but also incredibly sad to witness. Mozart had his artificial disk surgery on 28 April 2020 where a two-piece articulating titanium disk was inserted in his C6-7 disk space.

 With the donations made to Mozart, we were able to raise just over $11,000. Dr. McDonnell of Veterinary Neurology and Imaging of the Chesapeake, who performed his surgery, says Mozart will fully recover, and we all have given him that chance.

 Mozart had a check-up and had his sutures out two weeks after the surgery. They think he looks A+. They want him doing hills every other day now. And we continue to decrease he need and use of pain meds. Take a look at this video of his before operation and 2 weeks after surgery.