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A secret delight in Petworth

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My agent friend and I recently went to Himitsu, a Japanese-inspired restaurant from Kevin Tien and Carlie Steiner in Petworth, for happy hour and dinner. (Apparently, “himitsu” means “secrecy” or “secret” in Japanese.) We wanted to experience a new restaurant, and it came well recommended by the Washingtonian!

(Photo credit: Himitsu)

It is a small and intimate space and the staff is fantastic. They don’t take reservations and, with a small number of seats, you either need to get there early or be prepared to wait. The menu is divided into light, medium, and more heavy fare, and we were recommended that we pick 2 of each, with a few drinks. It was not what I expected for a Japanese restaurant because there were no sushi rolls on the menu!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere (and the company)! Definitely worth a visit. Prices are on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

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