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Why I Love the Doberman

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Why Do I Love the Doberman? If you know me, then you know how much Dobermans are a part of my life. I serve on the Board of Doberman rescue, I coordinate foster homes for these dogs, and I own a Dobie named Otto Leopold.

So why do I love the Doberman?

How could you not?! Look at this face. This is Otto, my three year old Dobie monster.

I think the first thing most people notice about a Doberman is how they look – they have a powerful and elegant presence. They are sleek and delicate with their beautiful deer legs, but they are also muscular, powerful, and (yes) sometimes scary looking. While most people recognize a Doberman if it has cropped ears, Dobermans are born with floppy ears naturally. Europe has already moved away from cropping their ears. It is illegal in the UK and Australia (including tail docking).

One of the reasons I love Dobermans is because they are smart. I mean, no offense, but who wants a dumb dog. In most lists I have seen, Dobermans are ranked as the fifth smartest dog breed. Dobermans learn new things quickly. I love taking Otto to training classes – we have done a variety of puppy, obedience, and rally classes. They are a great way to bond with your dog friend and learn new skills. Honestly these classes are much more for their owners than for the dogs. They pick things up way faster than we do.

Another reason I love Dobermans is they are so loving. While most people see them as an alert watchdog, they are loyal family dogs. They love their people and want to be with them all the time. That is why they are nicknamed the Velcro dog. One of the reasons I got Otto was because I wanted that life buddy who wanted to go everywhere with me and is always up to do something new. Dobermans are very sensitive.

Truly, the Doberman is a wonderful companion. I love this dog so much.