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Your Listing Photography is Unappealing

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Your Listing Photography | Welcome back to “7 Reasons Why Homes Don’t Sell.” Today’s topic is… Your listing photography is unappealing. One of the worst things you can do when presenting your home to the market is use unappealing photography. If you haven’t yet, check out for some real beauties.


It is vital to have amazing photos! The photography creates the buyer’s first impression and it may be your only impression. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of buyers start their home search online. Homes without pictures are likely to get skipped immediately.

If your agent takes your photos with their iPhone, you are in trouble. I wouldn’t even consider listing a house on the market without photos taken by a professional photographer who has experience taking real estate photography. The photos are not about showing a buyer what is in the house… Look, a front door. And here is the washer/dryer. You are taking photos to advertise the space of the house. What living in this house will be like. And that is where a pro comes in! They know how to capture the space.


Photos are the last thing you want to do to the house before listing. If you are doing any repairs or renovations, they need to be done first. If you are going to declutter, remove any furniture, or stage the house, these must be done first. And you must clean the house from top to bottom first! You want the photos to capture your house at its best. And this means no bathroom shots with the agent’s reflection in the mirror.

In today’s market, photos may not be enough. You should also leverage video to make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Property tour videos showcase what it is like to live in the house. Neighborhood videos educate potential buyers on what it is like to live in the neighborhood. You can also create custom websites to showcase your house with video embed functionalities, a complete high-resolution photo gallery, detailed editorial, walkscores, and more.