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Glenview Neighborhood

Glenview is a small established neighborhood of 2500 people in Silver Spring. It is north of Downtown Silver Spring, closer to Wheaton. The neighborhood boundaries are east of Georgia Ave, north of Dennis Ave, west of Sligo Creek Pkwy, and south of University Blvd. Sligo Middle School is off Dennis Ave and Sligo Creek Pkwy.… Continue reading Glenview Neighborhood

Woodside Park Neighborhood Tour

Woodside Park is one of the oldest suburbs in the DC area and one of the most sought after in Silver Spring. It is located between Georgia Ave on the west, Spring St on the south, Colesville Rd on the east, and Dale Dr and Columbia Blvd on the north. As its name implies, Woodside… Continue reading Woodside Park Neighborhood Tour

Downtown Silver Spring Neighborhood Tour

Hi, I’m Hannah Clancy-Thompson. I live in Silver Spring and I would love to tell you more about why I chose this unique community to call home. Silver Spring is part of Montgomery County and is located right outside the DC line. I chose to live in Silver Spring because I wanted to be close… Continue reading Downtown Silver Spring Neighborhood Tour

What Is It Like Living in Takoma Park?

Living in Takoma Park Do you know there’s a city in the DC Metro area that’s known for being so progressive that 16-year-olds can vote in local elections? In this episode of Saving DMV, I’m going to give you a tour of Montgomery County’s Takoma Park. We’ll explore everything that makes this city unique so… Continue reading What Is It Like Living in Takoma Park?

Neighborhood Spotlight