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How’s the market?

Looking back at April 2022 data and results. Here are some quick snap shots: DemandThe Bright MLS T3 Home Demand Index rose to 126 (Moderate demand) since last month. Demand rose for all types of homes, except lower-priced single-family, with the greatest increase in buyer interest in higher-price single-family homes. Inventory conditions changed little over… Continue reading How’s the market?

How’s the Market? Are we slowing down?

It’s mid-April and we are finally seeing some nice warm weather (emphasis on some). But how about a market shift? Let’s start by talking about March 2022. The Bright T3 Home Demand Index is 119 or moderate. The median sales price is at the record high from last year (under the high by ~1%). Days… Continue reading How’s the Market? Are we slowing down?

Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022 Color of the Year Pantone Color of the Year 2022, Veri PeriBenjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022, October MistSherwin Williams Color of the Year 2002, Evergreen Fog Biophilic Design Nature and a connection to nature is in. Bring more plants into your interior spaces and use natural materials. Natural… Continue reading Interior Design Trends 2022

Life with Otto Leopold the Doberman

Get to know my pal Otto Leopold the Doberman. He is my best friend and the reason I got into the Doberman rescue field in the first place!

How’s the Market? Washington DC March 2021

Washington DC March 2021 Market Washington DC March 2021 | Buyer interest rose for each type of home in February with the highest level of demand in the higher-priced single-family and condo segments. Except for lower-priced single-family homes, demand was as high, or higher, than one year earlier. While demand rose over the month, would-be… Continue reading How’s the Market? Washington DC March 2021

Simera The Rescue Doberman Needs Your Help!

Rescue Doberman Needs Your Help Can you help a local rescue, a Doberman that needs your help, to find the perfect home? In this episode of Saving DMV, I’m going to share the story of Simera, a Doberman we rescued who needed extensive surgery on all four limbs. I’ll walk you through what it took to… Continue reading Simera The Rescue Doberman Needs Your Help!

Otto’s Quick-Ish Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Thanksgiving Day Dinner We spend a lot of time thinking about what we want for our Thanksgiving dinner and all the different side dishes we want! Mash potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding are an absolute must for me. But you know who else wants a Turkey day treat but gets neglected… your pooch! This Thanksgiving we… Continue reading Otto’s Quick-Ish Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Mozart’s Recovery Journey

Mozart’s Recovery Journey Mozart’s Recovery Journey | It warms my heart to be able to say that Mozart’s surgery was a success. Thanks to all of you who donated, shared, and supported his story, he was able to receive his life saving surgery. He is making strides in recovering and is now able to walk… Continue reading Mozart’s Recovery Journey

Help Us Save Mozart!

Help Us Save Mozart | Mozart needs your help. Today, we are not saving houses, we are saving dogs. I’ve seen a lot of sad cases, but this one is different. Mozart is a 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher. He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He loves people,… Continue reading Help Us Save Mozart!