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How’s the Market? Oct 2021

Demand | Market Oct 2021? How’s the Market Oct 2021? We started to see a softening at the end of the summer and we were not sure if that was going to be a blip or continue. Demand for homes in the DC Metro area eased in October. The Bright MLS | T3 Home Demand… Continue reading How’s the Market? Oct 2021

What are Price Expectations?

In my last post, I started our discussion on Understanding Pricing a house. The initial starting point is understanding the cyclical and seasonal nature of the real estate market. In this blog post, we are going to start drilling down. What are the price expectations? Are prices going up or down?   Let’s start with… Continue reading What are Price Expectations?

Looking Back at the Summer: Supply and Demand in DC

Supply and Demand in Washington DC (city, not region) – Our fall real estate market began at Labor Day. Looking back at the last six months, you can see that supply (the blue bar) has stayed under 2 months. What does this mean? If no new listings came on the market, this is how long it… Continue reading Looking Back at the Summer: Supply and Demand in DC